Raffle to support 2nd Annual Dr. Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference, 27-29 September 2013

Help us honor the legacy of Dr. Ann Wigmore, Mother of Living Foods and the forebearer of the Ann Wigmore Institute, Hippocrates Health Institute, Optimal Health Institute, Creative Health Institute, and the inspiration of Cherie Soria of the Living Light Culinary Institute, Victoria Boutenko, Joyce Oliveto, Karyn Calabrese, The Sproutman, Loreta Vainius, Viktoras Kulvinskas and many other present raw and living foods leaders, chefs, teachers, raw restauranteurs and authors.
In fact, many of the these leaders will be traveling at their own expense to Vilnius, LIthuania, for the 2nd Annual Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference, 27-29 September 2013 to pay homage to her and to participate in the internment of her ashes in the place of her birth. These leaders, along with others like T. Colin Campbell, Karyn Calabrese, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Cherie Soria and Loreta Vainius will be addressing the vital issues of health and disease and how the raw living food lifestyle can offer a solution to personal and planetary health.
 In order to fund this important and historic event, many of us who gratefully acknowledge Dr. Ann as our inspiration, have donated goods and services valued over $14,000 to be raffled off for as little as $5/ticket that buys 9 chances to win (see complete list of prizes below).

Proceeds of the raffle will be used for the purpose of covering expenses such as auditorium and facilities leases, translators, headphones, audio/visual equipment, costs of the internment of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s ashes in Kruopiai and presenting the event to the public.

Join our raffle to win the following:

Red Prize Package

$600 discount for two weeks stay at AW Institute in Puerto Rico. logo_annwigmorehealthinstitute   $600

Blue Prize Package

Fundamentals of Raw Living Foods flagship class plus required text.  logo_cheriesoria   $395

Green Prize Package

Victoria, Sergei, and Valya Boutenko, otherwise known as The Raw Family educational package
(13 books, 8DVD”s)  logo_rawfamily

Orange Prize Package

logo_livingfoodsinstitute Living Foods Institute donates 10 Day Program to empower you to heal your body, mind and spirit, and will teach you exciting, new easy-to-prepare Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods recipes to rebuild your health and give you a new lease on life.   Lodging not included.   $3300

Yellow Prize Package

logo_hippocrateshealthinstituteResting amongst 50 acres of tropical woodlands in Southern Florida, Hippocrates offers a serene setting in which to heal, nurture and develop into one’s fullest potential. The Institute’s signature Life Transformation Program provides the fundamental training and a definitive blueprint for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The Life Transformation Program is a three-week residential program that runs weekly every Sunday through Saturday year-round. A literal life-change program, the holistic approach to health and wellness taught at Hippocrates includes transformation of the mind, body and spirit You will receive One Week stay at HHI. Copper Level shared room. Valid until July 2014.   $2772

Magenta Prize Package

Two 5 day Live Food Spa Detox Retreats($1,000 ea.)
Lodging not included.   $2000

Pink Prize Package

logo_survivinginto21century$3340 total package. Consultation w/followup. 3 days with Viktoras in Costa Rica in Feb. ’14. Survival in 21st Century Book.     $3340

Brown Prize Package

$360 Webinar, Juicing and Detoxification Course plus 3 Sproutman Books TBD.  logo_sproutman   $360

Violet Prize Package

$675 total package. 3 books, Raw Food Package, Detox Class via Skype.  logo_karyn   $675

Brian Clement

CEO, Hippocrates Health Institute

Thousands of lives around the world have been touched by the life of Dr. Ann Wigmore and her prodigies.

If you are one of them - if you feel your life has been improved by raw living foods - this is your chance to “GIVE BACK”  and pay it forward for others to benefit. She devoted her life saving lives of others and we want to demonstrate our gratitude.

1 ticket


5 tickets


10 tickets


25 tickets


Help us honor Dr. Ann Wigmore’s legacy and continue her work!

Date of Raffle Drawing is September 13, 2013

Winners will be determined using the Random Number Generator Method. All winners will be notified via email, so please, when raffle tickets are purchased, remember to provide this information.
Living Ann Fund
Petras Vainius
tel: 610-999-2112